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I felt that there was no miracle, and the miracle came. In the absence of Adebayor and Dragic, the Heat regained a strong victory, and it can be said that they almost suppressed the audience. So, what happened in the game? What changes did the Heat rely on to win the game? I think the main reasons are three points: 1. Lost thick eyebrows; 2. James who is restricted in naming; 3. Jimmy teacher who never surrenders.

我觉得没有奇迹,奇迹来了。在阿德巴约和德拉季奇缺席的情况下,热火夺回了一个强大的胜利,可以说他们几乎压制了观众。那么,游戏中发生了什么?热火依靠什么改变来赢得比赛?我认为主亚博app网页版要原因有三点:1.失去浓密的眉毛; 2.詹姆斯在命名方面受到限制; 3.永远不屈服的吉米老师。

Come one by one, starting with thick eyebrows. Today's game can be said to be the worst game in the playoffs of his career. He played 33 minutes, only shot 9 times, only 15 points were accounted for, and there were up to 5 turnovers at the same time, the plus and minus value is astonishing -26, the lowest in the game.


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There are two reasons for this situation:


One, thick eyebrows fell into a foul crisis early on. He was going to play the full first quarter, only 8 minutes, and only 4 minutes in the second quarter to get the third foul. Just 1 minute and 38 seconds in the third quarter, he had 4 fouls in hand. . This not only weakened the influence of the thick eyebrow on both offensive and defensive ends-in order to avoid another foul, the thick eyebrow has not devoted himself fully to the defensive end for a long time-but also disrupted the team's regular rotation sequence.

一头浓密的眉毛很早就陷入了犯规危机。他将在第一节完整比赛,只有8分钟,而在第二节只有4分钟,第三节犯规。第三节仅仅1分38秒,他手有4次犯规。 。这不仅削弱了浓密的眉毛在进攻端和防守端的影响,为了避免再次犯规,浓密的眉毛很长时间没有完全投入防守端,而且还破坏了球队的常规轮换顺序。

After the thick eyebrows went down, James' playing time was forced to advance and prolong. Kuzma and Morris took on a heavier defense in the penalty area. When Kuzma also received a third foul, and Morris again After being forced off the court due to long consecutive playing time, the Lakers once put on the court a four-back lineup of James + JR + Pope + Caruso + Rondo, which can be said to have neither defensive capabilities nor offensive threats.

浓密的眉毛掉下来后,詹姆斯的上场时间被迫延长和延长。库兹马和莫里斯在禁区进行了较重的防守。当库兹马也获得第三次犯规时,莫里斯又一次因为连续长时间的比赛而被迫下场后,湖人队就将詹姆斯+ JR +教皇+卡鲁索+龙多的四后卫阵亚博app网页版容送上了球场。据说既没有防御能力也没有进攻威胁。

On the other hand, the Heat used defensive and pincer attacks on him.


Let Nong Mei receive the ball in his familiar offensive area and handle the offense at will. What consequences will the Heat have learned in the first two games. In order to avoid being hammered three times in a row in the same way by the thick eyebrows, they made very targeted adjustments in their defensive methods-first they used a defensive approach to interfere with him receiving the ball, and then double-teamed him. Test the pass of thick eyebrows.


For example:


Nong Mei has always been bad at breaking flanks, and his shots always appear to be slow when encountering double-teams. This is also one of his technical weaknesses.

Nong Mei一直都很擅长突破侧路,而且在遇到双队时他的射门似乎总是很慢。这也是他的技术弱点之一。

After being troubled by consecutive fouls and pincers, the thick eyebrow completely lost his game aggressiveness. According to the previous Lakers's routine, the dual-core is to each assume the top responsibilities when leading the team alone. But today's situation is that as long as James goes down, the Lakers have basically lost the ability to pressure inward. The combination of thick eyebrows and Rondo completely failed. Without the 5out ability, he just made a lot of 5out positions and sent a lot of useless outside ball. This is very undesirable.


Finding a way to re-liberate thick eyebrows is the most important task for the Lakers right now.


Then we will talk about James' roll call. Yesterday, I just finished talking about how awesome James is calling, and I was beaten in the face today. Except for the opening zone defense for a while, the Heat are still marking the players most of the time today. The reason is simple, that is, they are afraid that the Lakers will get used to the zone defense and come back to you. But the man-to-man thing, in fact, we have seen it as early as the first game, and the effect is very bad. But why do the Heat dare to guard so today? This starts with the defensive approach.


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In the first game, the reason why the Heat's man-marking was beaten by James, the most important point was that they were too casual to exchange defenses for most of the game. As long as James calls the roll call, it doesn't matter whether it is Dun Luo or Shiro who comes over, it will be changed. And these two white athletes have no ability to stop James. Once the dislocation is formed, the follow-up defense is full of opportunities, and the Heat can't take care of it.

在第一场比赛中,热火的个人得分被詹姆斯打败的原因,最重要的一点是,他们过于随意,无法为比赛的大部分时间交换防守。只要James进行了点名,无论是Dun Luo还是Shiro都可以,它将被更改。并且这两位白人运动员没有能力阻止詹姆斯。一旦错位形成,后续的防御就充满了机会,而热火无法照顾它。

But today is different. The Heat’s strategy for handling James’ rollover today is:


If the pick-and-roll occurs at the top of the arc, the player named will be greatly delayed, and the original opponent will stay in place and wait; if the pick-and-roll occurs on the sideline, then take appropriate pincers and drive James to the bottom line to force him. Make difficult passes. In short, there is only one core point, and it is easy not to change defense.


The reason why the Heat dare to defend this way is also related to the lack of shooting ability of the little one who came to do the screen. Rondo/Caruso are both players who are not well-known for shooting. Pop and Green are the Wolong and Phoenix. The last two games His three-pointers are 4 of 26, and his shooting percentage is 15.4%. The Heat are betting that you can't handle the offense even if you take it apart, and they put all their defensive attention on James alone. In the end, it really worked.

热火敢于捍卫这种方式的原因也与前来做银幕的小个子缺乏投篮能力有关。 Rondo / Caruso都是以射门而闻名的球员。流行和绿色是卧龙和凤凰。最近两场比赛他的三分球是26的4,他的命中率是15.4%。热火打赌即使你将进攻拆散也无法应对,他们将所有防守注意力都放在了詹姆斯身上。最后,它确实有效。

But having said that, in fact, in the opening game of the finals G1, the Heat defended according to this idea. The difference was nothing more than that the Lakers came up very smoothly in that game. James grabbed the big delay and sent out a lot of three-pointers. Finally, Spoelt I didn't stabilize my mind, and changed this strategy, and then I got the following.


As for how to deal with the end? In addition to making more accurate shots, I think James can also play the hour and play faster.


Finally, let's talk about Butler. Before the game, Butler said that he was going to do a big job tonight, and then come back to recollect these words after the game, he did not break his words. With 40 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists, he not only did a great job in the offense, but also forced James to make mistakes on the defensive end. There is no doubt that this is destined to belong to his night.


Looking back on this entire game, Butler hit a lot of difficult shots, stood still and turned back to force Kuzma and Morris, the difficulty is not small. From the defensive point of view, there is nothing wrong with it, but he just made it. Butler’s most murderous thing was the few roll-calls that appeared in the final quarter-he attacked Pope, Kuzma and Morris successively, and used different methods to fight Pope’s strength, and against Ku Zima and Morris took advantage of their mobility.


As soon as the game ended, someone immediately asked: "Why don't the Lakers pinch Butler?" In fact, it's not easy to pinch.


Because at that time the Heat had a four-star lineup, as long as Butler could give the ball, the pressure on subsequent defensive rotations would be great. The Heat is not the same as the Rockets. The Rockets’ three-pointers are strong in terms of quantity. The overall accuracy is actually average, but the Heat are accurate and accurate at every point. So if you want to defend against Butler in this kind of environment, you have to be prepared to be punished. It is actually quite risky.


What the Lakers did not do well was that they handed over the defense too easily.


This is actually the same as the Heat's defense of James. Butler is not good at long shots, and he has never tried to shoot outside the three-point line this entire game. You have time to make big delays and other pick-and-roll defenses. There is no need to let Butler use a pick-and-roll to force his own defense so easily.


Regarding this point, I believe the Lakers will definitely make targeted corrections in subsequent games. So far, Vogel has not changed the adjustments I expected to make before. As for the follow-up and whether there will be new changes, let's continue to look down.


No one commented, but quiet


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