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Under the unfavorable situation of falling behind at the beginning, Tottenham scored half a dozen goals in one breath and took away three points from Old Trafford in a jaw-dropping way. Relying on meticulous defensive deployment to drive a counterattack, and making full use of the side lanes to open up the depth of the field, this is another match marked with a distinctive Mourinho brand. The striker's double star state is hot, the midfielders collectively win, and the two full-backs have also withstood the test. Mourinho's transformation of Tottenham has begun to bear fruit.


Since last season, Mourinho's team has performed poorly in strong dialogues, and has only scored two draws against his old club five times. After receiving multiple strong support in a row, the brand-new Tottenham reshapes its temperament with a strong dialogue as a breakthrough. The League Cup eliminated rival Chelsea and the UEFA Europa League qualifiers won the clearance. Mourinho used the intensive schedule to examine the players and has gradually found a rotation rhythm suitable for Tottenham.


Compared with the starting blueprint against Newcastle in the previous round, Mourinho's starting lineup for this campaign has many new ideas. The recent outstanding performances of Lamela and Ndombele made their debut. Moussa-Sissoko and Olière cooperated again after the League Cup 1/8 finals. Tottenham’s defense line appeared in front of many players with strong forward ability. player of. Mourinho hopes that the two faster full-backs can limit the opponent's flank start speed, rely on multiple strong points to push the counterattack on the basis of a solid defense, and break the balance through the insertion of the full-backs. , To create opportunities for Kane and Sun Xingmin.

与上轮对阵纽卡斯尔的首发蓝图相比,穆里尼奥的首发阵容有许多新想法。 Lamela和Ndombele最近的出色表演首次亮相。联赛1/8决赛后,穆萨·西索科和奥利埃再次合作。热刺的防守线出现在许多前锋能力强的球员面前。播放器。穆里尼奥希望这两个更快的后卫能够限制对手的侧翼起步速度,依靠多个优势在坚实的防守基础上推动反击,亚博app网页版并通过插入后卫来打破平衡。 ,为凯恩和孙兴民创造机会。

Manchester United at home waited for work, Solskjaer continued to use the 4231 formation, Pogba and Matic partnered with double midfielders, and Bruno Fernandez was in front of them. Bailey's replacement of Lindlov can be seen as Solskjaer's solution to the Red Devils' defense.


Less than three minutes after the opening, both teams received gifts from their opponents' defenders. Although the two goals were unexpected, they also reflected the tactical thinking of the two coaches: Manchester United’s offense has a clear left-leaning, trying to open the gap from Tottenham’s right side defense as in the first leg of last season. Tottenham’s counter-strategy is to push forward the attack and launch the attack before the Red Devils’ defense is in place.


At the stage when Manchester United was in control of the ball, Tottenham’s frontcourt players actively protected the defensive line backwards. Lamela, Mourinho Sissoko, Olier, and Davidson Sanchez worked together to block the right rib space. After completing the defensive task, Tottenham can either use Sun Xingmin's speed advantage to directly hit the back with a long pass, or pass through the midfield through a partial continuous pass. Tottenham’s counterattack has many starting points, and it is difficult for Manchester United to carry out targeted restrictions.

在曼联控制球的阶段,热刺的前场球员积极向后防御防守线。拉梅拉(Lamela),穆里尼奥·西索科(Mourinho Sissoko),奥利尔(Olier)和戴维森·桑切斯(Davidson Sanchez)共同努力,阻塞了右肋骨空间。在完成防守任务后,热刺可以利用孙兴民的速度优势直接通过长传直接击中后卫,或者通过部分连续传球来穿越中场。托特纳姆热刺的反击有很多出发点,曼联很难实行有针对性的限制。

Martial's red card became a turning point in the game, and the balance of victory tilted to Tottenham. The experienced Mourinho directed his disciples to use a wave of sharp frontcourt pressure to create goals and set the victory in one fell swoop.


Bailey's mistakes in giving gifts, Manchester United's predicament in the advancement of offense has a long history. Late last season, teams such as Leicester and Sevilla used frontcourt presses to bring big trouble to the Red Devils. Pogba and Matic were tall and turned slowly, and they were bothered when they received the ball in front of the central defender. The risk is great. Bruno Fernandez's characteristic is not to help the backcourt players to relieve pressure. This requires frontcourt and wide players to actively participate in the midfield pass.

百利在送礼上的失误,曼联在进攻上的困境有悠久的历史。上赛季末,莱切斯特和塞维利亚等球队使用前场压制为红魔带来了大麻烦。波格巴和马蒂奇高个子,转弯很慢,当他们在中后卫面前接球时感到不安。风险很大。布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)的特点是不帮助后场球员减轻压力。这就要求前场和广泛的球员积极参加中场传球。

Rashford had frequently retraced to take the ball in some games at the end of last season (such as against West Ham in the 37th round), but he was obviously more suitable to stay in the forward position to hit the goal. Manchester United tried to introduce Sancho this summer, a player who can frequently participate in the offensive advancement and share the pressure of his teammates in the backcourt. Van der Beek, who is already in the line, can also use active running and response to smooth the backcourt. Solskjaer insisted on using the main team from the unbeaten period late last season, and the hidden dangers in the backcourt conduction phase are naturally difficult to eliminate.

上赛季结束时,拉什福德经常在某些比赛中后场接球(例如在第37轮对阵西汉姆联),但显然,他更适合保持前锋位置以射门得分。曼联试图在今年夏天引进桑乔,他可以经常参加进攻,并在后场分担队友的压力。已经在生产线中的范德贝克(Van der Beek)也可以使用主动奔跑和反应来平滑后场。索尔斯克亚坚持从上赛季末的不败时期开始使用主队,自然很难消除后场传球阶段的隐患。

After losing to Everton in the first game of the league, Mourinho proposed to further improve Tottenham’s frontcourt pressing ability after the game. Lamela’s recent reuse is an extension of this idea. Just like the "pseudo ninth" in the League Cup against Chelsea, Lamela also assumes backcourt defense, frontcourt harassment and offensive tandem tasks on the flanks. Sun Xingyu made his debut, Lamela was able to send a good forward pass in time, and Tottenham did not lose offensive speed due to the simultaneous presence of multiple dribbling masters.

在联赛首场比赛输给埃弗顿后,穆里尼奥提议在比赛后进一步提高托特纳姆热刺的前场压迫能力。 Lamela最近的重用是该想法的扩展。就像对阵切尔西的联赛杯中的“伪第九名”一样,拉梅拉还承担着后场防守,前场骚扰和进攻串联的任务。孙星宇出道,拉梅拉能够及时传出良好的传球,热刺并没有因为多个运球大师的同时出现而失去进攻速度。

In the first round loss to Everton, Tottenham’s midfield combination lacked creativity, and Ali, who was in poor condition, subsequently became a marginal figure in the first team. Recently, Mourinho continued to trust Winks on the one hand, and on the other hand, he arranged for Ndombele, Lo Celso and Lamela to assume the midfield tandem tasks, showing the idea of ​​reusing technical players. Lamela has multifunctional attributes, and Ndongbele's mission is relatively clear. In addition to using his personal ability to complete the advancement, Ndongbele can also complete the transfer scheduling in time and lead the full back to participate in the attack.

在第一轮输给埃弗顿的比赛中,热刺的中场组合缺乏创造力,状况不佳的阿亚博app网页版里随后成为一线队的边缘人物。最近,穆里尼奥一方面继续信任Winks,另一方面他安排Ndombele,Lo Celso和Lamela承担中场串联任务,这表明了重用技术球员的想法。 Lamela具有多功能属性,Ndongbele的任务相对明确。除了利用自己的个人能力完成晋级,Ndongbele还可以及时完成转送计划并带领全力以赴参加进攻。

When two players with strong ball-holding ability are responsible for the connection, Kane's game load is reduced a lot, which is of great significance to ensuring the attendance of the British top card. There are three teammates with No. 10 attributes behind to consolidate the transportation line, and Sun Xingyun's comeback is just right. Manchester United players are in poor physical condition in this campaign, the overall attacking and defensive speed is slow, the combination of center back and midfielder lacks vitality, the midfielders are not active enough to defend the sidelines, and some backcourt players have a poor sense of position. These problems are pressing Exposure is more thorough when attacking.


A big lead and one more player. The players are in excellent condition and morale is high. Tottenham basically killed the suspense of the game before the end of the first half. After changing sides, Tottenham continued their first half game strategy, insisting on high position pressure while accelerating the offensive transfer, breaking the balance through the high-speed insertion of the weak side full-backs. Auriye's goal completely destroyed Manchester United's hope of comeback.


Being able to maintain a high level of performance in the intensive schedule, and to win consecutive victories against Big6 opponents in adversity, Tottenham’s recent performance has brought many surprises to people. After unremitting efforts, Mourinho solved the tactical problems left by his predecessor. Tottenham’s midfield control and defensive resistance have been significantly improved, and the tactical weight of the wing has increased greatly. Ability is also recovering.


Last season, Tottenham will frequently show fear in the "six-point match". On the one hand, it is because of the constraints of injuries and the structural flaws of the lineup that are difficult to make up. On the other hand, it is the lack of players who are good at tough games and the overall temperament. Too soft. The desire to win and the awareness of fighting of Huiber and Reggieron are impressive. They have brought "bloodiness" and tenacity to Bai Lily, who is not able to withstand pressure. Mourinho's team has already happened in temperament. change.


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